SotA Attunement Optimizer

Greetings New Britannians,

I would like to introduce you to a handy new tool which can be used to save you time!

Let's say you are working up some magic skills and decide you would like to shoot for 100 attunement in a particular school of magic. If you're like me, you would just level ten of your skills to 100 and be done with it. However, some of these skills cost more exp to level than others. That got me thinking one day that if I raised a cheaper skill to 101 and lowered a more expensive skill to 99 then the average of the two would remain 100 but it could potentially cost less exp. That idea inspired me to write an attunement optimization calculator.

To use the calculator start by choosing a school of magic and a target attunement value. If you push the calculate button with out entering anything else then the calculator will automatically choose the ten least expensive skills from the school and optimize all of them, resulting in the minimum possible exp cost to achieve the target attunement. You can further constrain the optimization by manually choosing the ten skills from the school to use, and may also choose to lock certain skills at a particular level. Remember, any constraint you add to the optimization reduces its flexibility, which will result in a higher exp cost for achieving the target attunement.

Considerations - Updated 11/30/2019

Target attunement needs to be between 10 and 200.

10 remaining

This calculator uses the Player Leveling Google spreadsheet @Chris published to the shroud of the avatar forum to obtain the base exp cost per level of skill. We use the Attunement Google spreadsheet @Sir Leonard posted to the forum to obtain all of the skill exp modifiers.

If you find any bugs or find the data to be out of date please post back to our SotA forum thread here.